Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's kind of in progress

Man, I keep starting posts and then absolutely nothing happens. I had a whole paragraph, which was probably about nothing, last week, but then my internet went down and I pretty much gave up. I like to feel like I have something to say, but then I attempt to write it down and I just feel like a big dweeb.

I'm working on a Coraline right now. I saw the movie, I read the book, then I made the unrelated sweater. I had bought the yarn for the Silk Cocoon Cardigan originally, since I kept falling in love with that style of sweater. But I look at lots of FOs, and I see that they're not terribly flattering. I don't want to have to wear something underneath it. Maybe the women I'm looking at just aren't wrapping it enough. Either way, I decided to hold off until I can actually try on something in that style, because it would suck ass to have a complete style fail after spending a month on it. I also want to see more FOs of the SCC, to see how it *really* comes out. I have the magazine, but it won't go to waste if I don't make that sweater. I'm also madly in love with the Whisper Cardigan, and a few other things in there. I'm doing Coraline on 3s, so I should be emotionally ready for a sweater using lace yarn. It would also probably be an excuse to buy some more Malabrigo Lace. I have some that I haven't cracked into yet as a knitalong for a show which is long over, which is also just me and one other person who already finished hers. I am awesome.

One of my knitting group friends suggested bringing in her ball winder and swift to end my suffering with the ten hanks I have to wind for my sweater. If that actually happens, I'll definitely bring in those two lace hanks. Fortunately, they're "only" 450 yards each, not like the 1450 I was originally coveting online when I was first scouting out WEBS (why is it in all caps? Does it stand for something?) before my trip there. I didn't end up buying that, which my sanity thanks me for. But the Malabrigo lace is super soft. If I did have to pass that through my fingers for an hour, attempting to hand wind it, I wouldn't really be suffering.

I really need to make socks. I have way too much sock yarn. It's bordering on obscene. Granted, I'm not like some of the super stashers I see on Rav, but I'm still a little embarrassed by the size of my stash page. I'd like to try to keep the "in stash" section under 100. Right now it's at 109, but even if I use all 10 hanks for this sweater, that would only bring it to 108. So I have some serious work to do. Granted, any socks I make will still result in leftovers, which will therefore still be on the page. My grandmother is highly in favor of me making a blanket from leftover sock yarn, though. I just don't need a blanket. I make blankets from worsted and give them away, which is why I have so many hoarded worsted leftovers, but a sock yarn blanket I'd end up wanting to keep for myself. Also, instead of a yarn stash, I'd end up with a mitred square stash until it was done. I'm not sure that's an adequate solution to this problem.

What I really need is to let. it. go. and do some more RAKing. I could see if anyone else on LSG RAK is making that blanket. I just have some serious issues with mailing out stuff I paid for that there's still a very usable quantity of. Since I made one pair of Monstersocks, I feel justified in hoarding leftovers in case I do it again. But that doesn't take into account how much unused sock yarn I have/continue to acquire. So basically, I'm screwed. I need to quit both jobs and just knit socks.

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