Monday, March 02, 2009

Ok, seriously?

No yarn until April, aside from if the 3 hanks I need to finish my Sprout come in. I have bought a ridiculous amount the past two Saturdays because of events. So if the economy is failing, don't blame me.

I haven't photographed the new stash from Spin, Knit, and Spa, but I did dive right in to using it. I'm working with some Mostly Merino Sport Singles to make mittens. I sort of designed a fair isle pattern for them. I'm kinda following the stripe pattern from Furrow, but not quite... you'll see.

On the needles:

* Brocade diamonds socks with KNITPICKS!!!! Essential Multi
* Mittens
* Sprout (in hibernation until more yarn comes in)


* At least 10 pairs of socks. *facepalm* I have an addiction.
* Team Fabio scarf for me and Megi's crotchatar KAL
* Duchess Raglan
* Coraline or Silk Cocoon Cardigan

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