Friday, June 23, 2006

Mmm, Willow's End

I was going to be good.

I wasn't going to buy more yarn until I'd destashed at least another ball or two.

I had two WIPs that had been untouched for nearly a month while I'd been on a reading spree.

And then my mom suggested we go up to Boothbay Harbor. Where the best yarn store in the world is.

$120.61 later, I had a couple more WIPs.

It doesn't have a brand name to it, but it was on sale and oh so alluring. 80% Merino, 20% silk. It might be a hat or something. I don't know. It's just so pretty.

They look like little Easter eggs. 100% "egyptisk bomull," which, in my limited knowledge of Norweigian, I think means "Egyptian cotton." It certainly feels like it. All of these will be for doing my own (for once) striping on socks.

"Mega Boots Stretch." I have no idea, but it's Lana Grossa, it's pink, black, yellow, and orange, and it's 70% virgin wool, 23% polyamide, and 7% "elite (PBT)," which I think means something. And looking at it now, apparently I spent $16.25 on it. And I kind of wish I hadn't. Oh well, excuse to quickly destash it.

Picture doesn't do it justice. Color Me soft cotton, in "Elegant," beautiful turquoise, seafoam, fuschia, and lavender.

Berroco Foliage - Russian Sage
Had to link to a big pic of this one from a commercial site, because no way could I do justice to something this beautiful. And how fitting that I picked up "Russian Sage" the day I finished Dr. Zhivago.

It was so great to be yarn shopping again. When I was in the store looking over the finger weight yarn, even just in plain solid colors, I was absolutely euphoric. The store owner asked if I was okay. I had to laugh when I realised I was just as giddy as when my boyfriend that I hadn't seen in a month visited on Sunday. But I haven't been yarn shopping for even longer, and my hands had been off the needles for a while when I took a break to read 4 books. But for the long ride, I picked up my Forever WIP, a pair of socks alternating between ribbing and stockinette every inch and a half. I bought some new size 2 DPNs in the shop because I couldn't deal with the bitty Brittanys I was talked into in another store. I need long needles, damnit! Also, toothpick size needles made of wood have a tendency to break when you jump off your roommate's top-bunk bed down on to the couch in a hurried attempt to find the phone. Fancy that! So we're switched to some metal Susan Bates needles.

I should be getting back to Mariah and that damn sleeve soon. Now, of course, I'm caught up in these socks. I did more in 24 hours than I did in months, so maybe they might even be finally done soon.




Zippianna said...

Hold on to your dream Jenna, that damn sweater will be finished and then you can have some other damned thing to make that will give you hell bumps when you look at it.

Holy Whoot, that yarn is ALL irresistable. I can see why you sold your soul for it. Don't try to nice it up, your soul has been sold. We all know the signs.