Monday, March 14, 2011

A rundown of Jenna's day

7:15 am: Wake up, contemplate death, meeting for job #6 in Augusta.
7:45 am: Get to work, work on the desk from 8-10, then do the mail from 10-11:15.
11:15 am: Get gas, after one failed attempt when I can't get to the pumps on the same side as my gas tank. Go to library, pick up Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. Attempt to make phone calls to figure out where this meeting is, fail.
11:45 am: Back to work to supervise lunch. Eat cheesecake.
1 pm: Bail as fast as possible to car. Plug in GPS, having used phone's mobile internet to figure out where I'm going. THROW THE HAMMER DOWN.
1:15 pm: "Drive 52 miles on I-295 North."
2 pm: Is that the State House? Do I have time to slap Paul LePage?
2:01 pm: Oh dear God I have no idea what I'm even looking for here
2:05 pm: Oh, hi, giant sign with the name of my employer.
2:15 pm: Begin meeting.
3:30 pm: Finish meeting. Feel hungry. Decide to look for some nice local place.
3:40 pm: Eat at Burger King.
4:15 pm: Back on the road. Become consumed with finding a Wal-Mart to buy a blender. Ignore fact that there is $125 in Wal-Mart gift cards in my apartment.
5 pm: Pull off random exit looking for Brunswick Wal-Mart. Am actually in Topsham. See sign for Target. Rejoice.
5:15 pm: Locate blender for $17.99. Declare victory.
5:40 pm: Back on road. Decide to go to Freeport to go to LL Bean to try on hiking boots for no apparent reason.
6:00 pm: Somehow succeed in totally driving past all 5 exits for Freeport. Get off interstate in Yarmouth, backtrack via Route 1.
6:10 pm: Try on many pairs of hiking boots of various heights. Am slightly unsure how these are any better than my clunky black shoes from Payless. Decide I like the higher cut better because they look more like hiking boots and thus I can lie to myself that I need them.
6:30 pm: Attempt to leave, somehow run into two different past-coworkers from two different former jobs.
6:45 pm: Back on road again. Still not planning on going home. Go to school to go to gym.
7:00 pm: Go to gym, work out while reading book. Feel so intellectual.
8:15 pm: Change clothes, go home.
8:30 pm: Put away yesterday's laundry, wash some of yesterday's dishes. Make smoothie. Fail at getting the balance of ice right. Do not spill all over self and kitchen. Therefore, victory.
9:00 pm: I should probably work on that paper.
9:15 pm: Add two sentences and a cover page. Decide any further editing will rip my soul in half.
9:16 pm: Begin endless blog entry, try to remember exact minutes of entire day.
9:35 pm: Write this sentence. Remember have endless job application to fill out.
9:57 pm: Finish application. Remember rest of smoothie on counter 10 feet away. Contemplate how little I want to get up to put it in the fridge. Back to Facebook.
10:18 pm: Seriously. Get the smoothie in the fridge.
10:23 pm: Sleep for the next... not enough... hours.

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holy wow.

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