Friday, November 27, 2009

Just saw the best comment on Ravelry

"I am beyond the need for a yarn diet. I need yarn gastric bypass at this point." - mollyknits

And having come home with 5 balls of yarn today, I am in total agreement. We went to three yarn stores today (and one of them twice) because one of my friends decided she wanted one more ball of something she bought when we went shopping on Saturday. So naturally the three of us needed to take a group excursion and spend hundreds of dollars. Well, I was good. At first. I managed to just pull up a chair and knit at The Knitting Experience and sit on the couch at Purl Diva. I've been to those stores so many times that I know what they have. That, and I was there six days ago. I suppose even I can manage that degree of restraint.

We went to a new store, though. Ewe and Me, also in Brunswick. Apparently I've gone by it a dozen times and never noticed it. OMG - great stuff! It always tickles me how there can be so many yarn shops in one area and they all sell different brands. I bought two different Regia sock yarns and this gorgeous Green Mountain Spinnery yarn in a rainbow color, called Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (well, that sold me), plus 10 buttons I'll need for my next projects.

That assumes, of course, I can ever knit again. I have somehow managed to fuck up BOTH elbows, presumably from knitting 35 squares a day on this ass rape of a blanket. Yesterday it was just the left. Wtf. And it's not like this even a good enough reason to stop knitting it for me. I just want it done so I can move on or order another ball of the blue if that turns out to be necessary. I guess there's worse things than pain. Or tendonitis. Only I can manage this level of bullshit.

I just got a call for a job interview. I applied to this place on August 13th. Look at your calendar. Yeah. They also called me a month ago for an interview, while I was out subbing. They told me to leave a message if I got the message after 3. Since I had to walk home, I always got home around 3. I left the message, and that was the last I ever heard of it. Until an hour ago. Bizarre, very bizarre. As far as I remember, it's working with kids with mental retardation, which I totally rock at. I'm just hoping it's right there in the office instead of going into homes. That's always... squicky. But, I can go to the interview, dust off my interviewin' suit, and try my best. If nothing else, I have something new and exciting to add to my work search log.


MollyKnits said...

OMG, how cool is it that you have quoted me on your blog??

Jenna said...

For that matter, how cool is it that you found my blog without me mentioning it in that thread?

MollyKnits said...

Someone read your blog, searched Ravelry for "mollyknits," and friended me. That is how I found you. Got to love the interwebs.

Jenna said...

Whoa, that's hardcore. I feel obligated to write even more, then - I'm bringing people together!