Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Amazingly, this was once a chipmunk.

The pattern called for DK weight yarn and size 2 needles...Having neither, I opted to work with what I had - worsted and 8s. So my chipmunk was kinda sorta 13 inches long. I had only the body and a back leg and a half done before I put it down for other pursuits. I decided to pick it back up today, frogged the leg, remembering it had some issues, remade it, made the front ones, stuffed, made ears, put eyes on, and knit a long tail. But you know what? It just wasn't a chipmunk. It was a capybara, or a...MOOSE. I re-did the tail, moved the ears to the side, and made antlers all of my own design. I absolutely love it.

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