Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stash Enrichment.

For my birthday, I yielded a delightful trove of new knitting supplies: needles, both circular and bamboo, gift cards to my favorite knitting stores (ok, so those happen to be Wal*Mart and AC Moore, but I'm going to a small LYS soon!), wonderful pattern books, great little tools I should have bought myself months ago...I am emotionally complete as a knitter.

I went on a yarn run to WalMart today, hoping to find some basic yarn that was solid colored but soft. Yeah, good luck finding that at Wal*Mart. Oh, there was Red Heart up the wazoo, but I just can't see using that stuff as anything other than a steel wool subsitute after I knitted up my first scarf with it. So I ended up with a skein of Caron's Simply Soft, which it is, and 3 Bernat Softee Chunkys. They're okay, but not that great. I just needed some decent neutral colors for all my projects and Caron didn't have much. And hey, they were $1.47. I may be a knitter, but I am foremost a broke college girl.

So, my WIP for right now is a pig from Kath Delmeny's World of Knitted Toys...after I frog it once more because I couldn't handle increases on stockinette for some reason. But through my lovely tutors at Knitter's Review and the great videos on, I think I got this. I like the way they all showed me, as opposed to what my original knitting tutor had shown me, as far as being able to do it on stockinette, which just looks impossible when all you know how to do is increase on garter, taking a loop in the front or somesuch. Pictures will be posted when something finally forms.

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